Welcome to Waynes’ World!

Welcome to Waynes’ World! Wayne Wymore that is. But it’s amazing how many people say that helps them to remember.

This is definitely a work in progress. As usual, deciding what this little “Waynes’ World” should be about will take much longer than fleshing it out once the decisions made.

For now, I’d like to wish you a “Happy Thanksgiving”! May you have many things to be thankful for… And remember to Thank the Lord for His blessings :)

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Got Cancer? You Don’t Have To Die!

Found an awesome book for people with cancer.

You Don’t Have To Die, by Harry Hoxsey

My Simple Review:

Hoxsey was a remarkable man. Especially by today’s standards. He would never turn any patient away just because they had no money. Which was very fortunate, since the regular medical profession would treat them till they ran out of money. Then send them home to die. So, about 85% of the patients he treated were in advanced stages of cancer, had already been sent home to die – and Hoxsey was curing them with his simple cure. When Fishbein would try to harass him by bringing fraudulent charges in the courts his patients all testified for him, and told the judges how they had been sent home to die, “But Hoxsey cured us”. Hoxsey was acquitted every time until finally they bankrupted him, and when he could not afford to defend himself in court any longer he had to agree not to help those who were suffering any longer. My own opinion: We are all poorer because of the loss of Hoxsey. It would be wonderful if we could have doctors of his caliber today!